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Capt. Alain Arseneault

St. Lawrence River pilot

Captain Alain Arseneault is an active St. Lawrence River pilot. He is a graduate of Rimouski’s Maritime Institute. After being issued a Master Mariner certificate in 1998, and sailing worldwide, he pursued postgraduate studies, being awarded an MBA in 2005. He entered the apprentice program on the St. Lawrence River in 2003 and was issued a pilot license in 2005. Within the mid St. Lawrence pilots Corporation, he held various management positions and acted as President from 2017 to 2021.

Fascinated by innovation and new technologies, Captain Arseneault participated in several technical maritime committees within his group and ultimately lead the technical committee of his National Association (Canadian Maritime Pilots Association) in addition to being elected national Vice-President for the Laurentian in 2017. Capt. Arseneault now serves as Executive director of the Canadian National Center of Expertise on Maritime Pilotage, and he is actively involved in several technology innovation forum as a participant and speaker. He is also active at the IMO level on the Canadian delegation and IMPA delegation.

Capt. Arseneault serves on various boards. Among others, he presides the board of directors of the St. Lawrence Global Observatory (SLGO), and is the VP of the board of the eastern branch of the Canadian Marine Service Guild (CMSG).

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