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Capt. Rodolphe Striga

Pilot at Marseilles Pilot Station

I started my career as a maritime pilot at the Marseilles Pilot Stations in 2000 and have remained with them since. In 2001, I joined the French Pilot Association's International Affairs Group, later becoming the EMPA delegate for FFPM in 2002. By 2004, I was appointed as a IMPA Executive Advisor during the GM in Istanbul.

In 2006, I became IMPA VP, overseeing Western Europe, French Speaking Africa, IT affairs, IHO, and IALA. In 2008, I organized the first African Pilots gathering in Dakar, leading to the creation of the African Pilots Association.

 In 2011, I was elected Manager of the French Riviera Pilots Group for a four-year term. Moving ahead to 2022, following my participation in the ICISF MADAY France Training, I was promoted as the referent for the first official CIRP for Maritime Pilots. This reflects my dedication to safety and continuous learning within the maritime pilots community.

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