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Fermín Reyes

Maritime Training Coordinator at Panama Canal

With over two decades of experience in the maritime industry, Captain Fermín Reyes has dedicated his career to navigation and leadership on the high seas, including significant expertise as a tugboat and towboat master for half of his professional journey. Progressing from a cadet to a ship captain across various vessels, he has acquired profound knowledge in the operation and management of diverse ship types. Notably, he has served as a master performing ships' assistance with tugs, handling a broad spectrum of responsibilities, such as towing, locks assistance, weather watch, escorting, and more, ranging from small tuna ships to nuclear submarines.

After a successful career as a Captain in the Merchant environment and as a Tugboat and Towboat master in the Panama Canal, Captain Reyes has assumed the role of Maritime Training Coordinator at the Panama Canal. In this pivotal position, he oversees the training of tugboat captains and supervises training programs for personnel involved in the complex operations of the Panama Canal. He ensures exceptional safety and efficiency standards in maritime operations, utilizing the latest simulation tools, from mathematical simulators to scale model simulation as well as on-site training.

Beyond his coordinating responsibilities, Captain Reyes has distinguished himself as an International Speaker, sharing his knowledge and experiences in national and international forums. His ability to convey technical information in an accessible and passionate manner has established him as a respected figure in the industry, frequently sought after to deliver lectures on maritime leadership, water safety, and related topics.

Captain Fermín Reyes's commitment to advancing safety and efficiency in maritime operations through training positions him as a recognized authority in the global maritime tugboat handling community.

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