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DAY 5 - pilots

Thursday 25 APRIL 2024

*The programme for all sessions remains subject to change.

**SLIDO will facilitate Q&A throughout. More information will be made available to delegates during the Congress.




Session 3

Pilots: Building a Sustainable Profession*

This session will focus on key themes related to human capital within the pilot profession and will include presentations, open discussions and Q&A** on matters including:

  • Diversity in maritime pilotage
  • Addressing the psychological impact of piloting and incidents during pilotage
  • Training, including combined training with other port stakeholders
  • The latest developments in simulator training
  • The role of data analysis in improving performance
  • Future developments emerging from artificial intelligence in navigation and collision avoidance, and remote navigation and the implications for human factors




Session 4

Pilotage: A Sustainable Public Service*

This session is focused on the evolution of pilotage as a sustainable public service in response to national objectives for GHG emissions reduction and private expectations of reductions in GHG emissions as a result of increased environmental transparency and reporting. The session will include presentations, open discussions and Q&A** on matters including:

  • Accounting for GHG emissions from pilotage
  • Drivers of environmental sustainability in pilotage
  • Energy efficiency of pilot boats
  • Alternative energy sources for pilot boats and helicopters